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What Glue Can I use to install my new ceiling tiles?

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2016 04:30AM EST


Adhesive Options:
  1. AcrylPro - Ceramic Tile Adhesive.  (Buy here at The Home Depot) -- important: glue and paint must be water-based
  2. Instant Grab #310 - Comes in a tube and it is available in most hardware stores.( Click Here )

Applying AcrylPro Adhesive to Tiles

The mastic is applied to the backs of your tiles in small 1 to 1 ½ inch thick mound. If you happen to have a porous surface such as popcorn, you may want to increase the thickness of the adhesive, but a hard flat surface such as sheetrock or plaster may take a little less – use the first several tiles to determine the ideal amount needed for your ceiling. The mastic should be placed in mounds approximately two to three inches in diameter and located at each corner of the tile, in the center, and a few other spots as needed. It isn’t necessary to spread the mastic as pressing the tile into place on the ceiling should take care of that task – try to keep the adhesive in from the edges enough so that it doesn’t flow past the tile when installed.

Applying Instant Grab #310


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