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MirroFlex™ Door Skins Step-by-Step Installation Instructions

Last Updated: Mar 02, 2015 10:21PM EST
1. Remove door skin from box, unroll it and lay it out to remove the curl in it. (You may need to add weight to keep curled edges down.)

2. Remove necessary door hardware from door; handle, knocker, and nameplate. (Optional:remove door from hinges and lay on floor stands.)

3. Remove all loose material from face of the door. Lightly sand face of door (or existing old door skin) to rough up surface. Sand around the door face edges approximately 2 inches wide until original door face/skin appears. (This will provide good adhesion of the new skin to the door faces.)

4. Orientate the new skin so the grain direction runs vertical and straight with the edge
of the door.

5. Remove 2 Inches of backing to expose the adhesive and lay the new skin on the
door overlapping the top by approximately ¼”. If everything looks good and grain is
straight, remove backing and roll with small vinyl roller to obtain good adhesion and
to remove air pockets. Slowly work down until skin is completely on the door.

6. Trim excess material with utility knife. For best results, use a small hand plane or a
block with fine grit sandpaper to ease the edge of the new skin. This will aid in door
closing and prevent edge peel.

7. Use utility knife to cut open the new holes to re-install door hardware. (No drilling necessary.) Re-install door (if removed).

8. Check to see that door functions properly

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