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NuMetal Installation Instructions

Last Updated: Aug 21, 2015 07:19AM EDT

NuMetal Installation Instructions



Anodization produces a hard surface - therefore no need to wax - will not tarnish - has the high abrasion resistance of aluminum. All products are covered with a clear peel off mask to protect the finish. This mask should be left on during fabrication to avoid marring the surface. NuMetal is recommended for all vertical and light duty horizontal use. All brushed NuMetal, Décor 99, Copper, and Art Copper laminates are coated with cellulose based lacquer. This lacquer is compatible with other lacquer systems, which allows for additional finishing if necessary.


NuMetal is fabricated with the same tools used on any high pressure decorative laminate, and bonded to the same type of substrates commonly used in the trade. Special care must be taken to avoid denting the surface with tools or scratching the surface with particles of metal. Carbide-tipped blades and bits are recommended. Dull blades will generate heat and scorch metal.


Any contact cement or cold set adhesive normally used with decorative laminates is suitable. Avoid adhesive spreading or set up on metallic surface. USE ONLY NAPHTHA OR BENZINE IN ADHESIVE CLEANUP - - do not use lacquer solvents or other adhesive solvents, which attack lacquer coatings.


Metal laminates should be stored face up in a cool, dry area and in a completely supported flat position. Use a top sheet of chipboard or similar material to hold stored sheets flat. Edge storage is not recommended.


Make sure that the cleaning agent used is compatible with either our anodized or lacquered products prior to use. Clean surfaces with a soft cloth using household cleaner - waxes, Windex-type solutions, or ordinary soap and water. Good furniture or automobile waxes provide additional protection for all metal laminate surfaces.


Available on certain items as special order.


Counter balancing is necessary as with other high pressure laminates to prevent warping of the substrate.


Metal laminates will conduct electricity and can cause shocks or short circuits when in contact with ungrounded electrical circuits. This product is laminated aluminum, copper, stainless steel of the highest quality and brilliance. Slight surface imperfections are normal. PLEASE INSPECT CAREFULLY PRIOR TO USE to insure the material is suitable for your needs.


We believe all the information contained herein to be correct. However, we are not fabricators and are merely passing on information received from fabricators who have worked successfully with NuMetal. It is totally the responsibility of the fabricator to completely test the adhesives and methods of fabrication to insure the results are satisfactory for the fabricator's requirements. We are not responsible for any fabrication costs involved with using NuMetal. See our warranty.


All shipments are to be inspected within ten working days after delivery and we are to be informed in writing of any potential adjustment necessary. The seller's only obligation will be to replace defective sheets, on a one-to-one basis, upon the user presenting proof that it is a manufacturing defect and not a result of fabrication. Neither the manufacturer nor the seller shall be liable for any additional loss or damage either directly or indirectly arising as a result of using these products.

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