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Lumisplash Installation Guide

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2016 06:13AM EST

Lumisplash Installation Guide & Technical Information for Backsplash and Wall Installations


IMPORTANT: Read instructions completely before installation!

The "Lumisplash Kit" includes ATI light guide panel, LED lights, and a decorative graphic panel.

Tools needed for installation:

  • Typical carpentry tools. Read instructions thoroughly before installation to determine what tools you will need to use for proper installation.

Preparation before installation:

  1. Determine and purchase the proper Lumisplash Kit to use.
  2. Acclimatize all panels 24 hours minimum prior to fabrication.
  3. Prepare surface to accept Lumisplash. Smooth and flat is best.
  4. Measure heights, width, and lengths and cut the molding options purchased to size.
  5. If mitering- make sure you follow instruction for proper mitering techniques for snap frames.
  6. Shut off any electrical outlet or switches that protrude from the backsplash wall at the breaker and disassemble them.

Cutting and final measurements for snap frame and/or J channels:

  1. Cut molding to proper size & attach to the wall (find studs on wall for this). Insure that the screws used do not protrude but are as flat as possible( See figure 1) Note: if using snap frame make sure to allow a minimum ¼ inch gap above molding so the molding can open and close properly), ( see figure 2).

                               Figure 1                                                  Figure 2

  2. Snap frame and mitered Snap frames use. Make sure you are familiar with mitering techniques for snap frames as they require double mitering. When measuring the height of the panel needed to fit make sure you measure to the right points in the snap frame. (see figure 3)

    Figure 3

  3. Measure the opening where the panel will sit (note: the measurement is different for snap frames and J channels- take care that you determine the correct measurement to use for the various hardware systems and combinations we offer). If using J channel top (has a 5/8” lip) and J channel bottom (has a 3/8” lip) you MUST add 3/8” to the opening height dimensions to get the correct measurement to cut down the light guide panel (LGP) with the light bar (LB) attached. (see figure 4) The LB and top of the LGP goes into the J channel top only (it will not fit into the J channel bottom). Make sure the opening measurements are the same across the entire length of the area to receive Lumisplash regardless of the moldings used. If not then adjust. Panels, when cut-to-size, slide under upper J channel lip and clear lower J channel lip when pushed in place. They then drop down into the lower J channel bottom.

    Figure 4

Lumisplash panel installation:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, shut off any electrical outlet or switches that protrude from the backsplash wall at the breaker and disassemble them. Either paint the wall white or apply our white reflective backer laminate by using a few strips of our pressure sensitive adhesive to the wall at the top, middle and bottom (see figure 5).
  2. Cut the backer to size and apply to PS adhesive strips. Press firmly in place to get rid of any air bubbles. Cut out any outlet or switches as necessary (see figure 6a and 6b).

                                   Figure 6a                                    Figure 6b

  3. Cut and assemble the light bars to proper size (only cut on cut marks, see figure 7). Make sure the electrical plug-end is at extreme left or right as ordered so that the plug-end can get to an electrical connection (electrician might be required).

    Figure 7

  4. Attaching the light bars to the light guide panel: Top edge only with printed side of LGP to the rear—this is critical and is marked on the panel. Use the PS adhesive strip that is on the light bar. Make sure the LED lights come in direct contact with the top edge of the light guide panel and that the connection prongs from the light bar to next light bar is secure and firmly in place (see figures 8a, 8b, and 8c). Note the adhesive strip of the light bar attaches to the printed side of the LGP only (if not installed properly luminance will be greatly reduced).

                                  Figure 8a                                  Figure 8b

    Figure 8c

  5. For LGP 24” or smaller, cut Light Guide Panel (bottom edge only) to proper height (other than J channel installations) (this is critical so be careful!) make sure your measurement includes adding the LB to the top edge before cutting to final size (LB measure 1/8”). Insure that the printed side of the LGP is closest to the wall (this is CRITICAL) the panel is marked appropriately. For panels that have LBs on 2 parallel sides, the LGP is reduced by ¼” (1/8” for each LB).
  6. Cut LGP to proper length.
  7. Using a template (if necessary) cut out any switch or outlet holes. Or you can install the panel (after the holes have been cut in the white vinyl) and mark the location of the cutout.
  8. Put the Light Guide Panel into place to make sure it fits. Adjust if necessary.
  9. Remove the panel from the molding and use it as a template to cut the LuxCore decorative graphic panel to the proper size.
  10. Reinstall the LGP and then install the LuxCore decorative graphic panel.
  11. Connect to the power source.
  12. Add side trim strips as needed to finish installation.
  13. If adjoining two panels together, make sure that the edges are blackened to prevent light leakage, or request our H molding to cover the edges.
  14. Dim as required by mood. (Optional, only if installing with a dimmer)

Other technical points:

  1. Excellent chemical resistance properties (details available)
  2. Proper tools for cutting (use tools suitable for cutting FRP and acrylic).
  3. Do not try to laminate any of the layers together with any type adhesive as this will destroy the light emitting qualities of Lumisplash.
  4. See our installation video.
  5. Become a Certified Lumisplash Installer – Do you believe you would benefit from a formal webinar training session? If so, let us know—we could certify you as a Lumisplash Installer.

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